• Security Consulting

  • Hospitality Industry Security Consulting

    Bars, restaurants and hotels have special security and liability concerns that Ron has extensive experience in handling. Ron does site consultations, manager trainings and security staff trainings.  Ron also facilitates settling code, police and TABC complaints against these businesses.

    Multi-Family Housing Security Consulting

    Apartment owners are frequent targets of lawsuits when crime happens anywhere on the property.  There are distinct steps you can take to reduce crime, make residents more aware and prepared and limit your civil liability if a resident were to become a victim.  Ron has consulted and provided security and trainings for multi-family unit housing as well as seminars directly to the residents.

    Major Event Security Consulting

    As a patrol Lieutenant with the Austin Police Department, Ron supervised numerous major events with attendance up to 165,000 people. As a Code Enforcement Division Manager, he was a part of Austin's Emergency Operating Center (EOC) and in charge of an on-site command for an area command post.  He has advanced training with National Incident Management Systems (NIMS). Ron can assist in creating an operations plan concerning safety and security for major events.

    Home Safety and Threat Assessment Consulting

    Ron specializes in making your home safer and minimizing risk from violence and other emergencies.  Your safety at home starts with knowledge and preparation.  Reduce the chance that your home will be targeted by criminals.  Prepare for emergencies such as fire and floods.  Ron provides personalized walk throughs to make your home safer for you and your family.