• Private Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations

    Independent criminal cases conducted for defendants, attorneys, as well as victims and their families. Ron's extensive career overseeing major police investigations of all types gives him a distinct advantage in this field. His training in kinesic interrogation and interview analysis is invaluable.

    Civil Investigations

    Civil lawsuits involving business liability, excessive force, employee misconduct, and hazardous conditions analyzed from an expert's perspective.

    Worker's Compensation Cases

    Surveillance and analysis of records for disputed or falsified worker's compensation claims.

    Infidelity Investigations

    Confirmation of cheating spouses and partners in a legally documented format suitable for civil courts.

    Internal Loss & Theft Investigations

    Investigations into loss and theft to businesses.  Interviews, covert cameras and other techniques to uncover dishonest employees, contractors and customers.

    Missing Persons and Hidden Assets

    Locating missing persons for personal, civil or criminal reasons.  Hidden assets for divorce, personal and business lawsuits can be traced even when hidden under acquaintance and business names.

    Background Checks

    Criminal background and asset checks for potential roommates as well as romantic and business partners can often be achieved with very limited information.  We no longer provide pre-employment background checks due to current court rulings. Contact us for details.