• Rates

  • Surveillance & Civil Investigations – $85

    Criminal Interviews & Investigations – $100

    Background Check Flat Rate

    Potential Partner Background Check – $99

    Safety & Threat Assessments

    Home or Commercial – $60/hour with a 2-hour minimum

    Common additional charges found in Investigations:

    Mileage – $0 we do not charge for mileage but hourly rates apply to travel time

    Research Reports – $15-100 per report depending on the actual report run.

    This information is to be used as a general guideline of our rates and services. It does not guarantee these services or rates will be available. There is an extra charge for work on state holidays and higher minimums for last minute surveillance call outs. Texas sales tax applies to most services. Additional charges may apply in some investigations. A written contract will be provided to you included a maximum allowable charge for hourly services. A retainer for hourly services is required. The average investigation retainer is $1500 for civil investigations and $2500 for criminal investigations but will vary based on the nature of the case. Flat rates must be paid in advance.