• F.A.Q.

    • What can I expect when I hire Copper Investigations and Consulting?

      As our client you can expect personal service with an emphasis on keeping the you informed of the progress of your timely investigation every step of the way. You may contact Ron or Christina as often as necessary with questions or information. Upon completing the investigation, you will be provided a professional, well written report of the findings and copies of any relevant documents, photographs or surveillance video.

    • Who would benefit from a Private Investigator?
      • People who believe their spouse or significant other is cheating on them.
      • Insurance Companies contract with Private Investigators to verify facts of a claim, Workers' Compensation Claims, Liability claims, etc.
      • Attorneys hire Private Investigators to work on the behalf of their client in criminal and civil cases. Private Investigators will take written or recorded statements, canvas for witnesses, visit the scene of accidents, take videos and photographs.
      • Businesses who are victims of internal or external theft, workers' comp claims, liability lawsuits.
      • Private individuals who are looking for more assistance than law enforcement can or will provide.
      • People looking to track missing persons.
      • A spouse who is uncertain of their partner's faithfulness or fears they are hiding assets from the court in a divorce.
    • What will it cost to hire Copper Investigations & Consulting?

      Our initial consultation is always free of charge. We will spell out in detail the actual costs for your case.  Expenses can include an hourly investigator rate, reimbursements for database searches, government and medical records. Most investigative services are subject to Texas Sales Tax. The contract will also include the amount of the retainer, which will vary by case type.  Credit cards are accepted for retainers.

    • Are you licensed and insured?

      Yes. The Potts Team Risk Management LLC doing business as Copper Investigations & Consulting is fully insured and licensed by the Texas Private Security Bureau as an Investigations and Security Consultant Company, PSB License # C20293.

      Complaints may be directed to: Texas PSB, P.O. Box 4087, Austin, Texas 78773-0001 or PSB@txdps.state.tx.us

    • What do I need for you to take my case?

      Simply contact us for your free consultation.  We can tell you exactly what information or documents we will need to proceed with your case. You may ask as many questions as you need to and we will explain the process.  Most people have never hired a private investigator before.  We know that and will walk you through the process step by step. A contract will help spell out both the services and charges to expect.