• Safety Seminars

  • Sexual Assault Awareness

    A two and a half hour seminar discussing different types of rapists, preventative measures and defensive tactics. Actual cases will be discussed. Classes are single sex only. Most audiences are all female but all male presentations are available as sexual assault is not limited to only females. Attendees under the age of 18 must have parental permission.

    This seminar was voted top seminar of the year by a Texas State University sorority.

    Apartment Managers, this is a great seminar for you to host at your clubhouse for employees as well as tenants.  Ron will through provide a site assessment of your property with owners or management.

    Workplace Violence

    Violent acts take place in seconds!  Most attacks last only a few seconds, and do not afford the opportunity to escape or call police.  You must be prepared to recognize and react to an attack.  Your life or the lives of others may depend on your knowledge and preparation.  As an Assault Detective and a 28 year Police Veteran, Ron will share important information discussing actual cases and actions that you can take that will increase your chances of survival.

    Aninety-minutee seminar discussing three stages of workplace violence and preventative measures. This seminar is designed to suit any size business.

    Manager Training

    While an Austin Police Officer, Ron worked off duty for numerous companies, running their Security programs and Risk Management Departments. He worked for Omni Hotels for right at 20 years as the Director of Security. Ron would provide training to all MOD’s, those persons performing Manager on Duty shifts. Ron discusses approaches to handle persons in different stress states. Those being from just obviously stressed to being verbal or physical.  Emergency actions for fire, bomb threats, crime scene preservation, large events and how to handle on scene media will also be discussed.

    This training is approximately 90 minutes with PowerPoint.  It is designed for hotel and restaurant/bar managers and includes a discussion of workplace violence and emergency scenarios.