• Cell Phone Forensics

  • SpyWare Scan


    How would your life change if all the information on your cell phone was made public? What if someone had access to your camera, microphone, GPS and all your data?

    Now we can scan, identify, and remove dangerous spyware from your cell phone. We do not need to keep your phone, you get it back immediately after the scan. The process is quick and your phone never leaves your possession. $379 through 4/30/19, regularly $529.


    Data Extraction


    Our forensic tool provides extraction and analysis of mobile device data on-demand. Eliminate the associated expense and extended wait times of typical digital analysis that requires shipping to labs. We will provide you with a complete forensic extraction report created by a certified expert.  We do not keep your phone, you get it back immediately after the extraction. You also get all data handed to you on a flash drive for you to review, it is not stored in our system.  $150 off all Data Extractions through 4/30/19.

    Basic Extraction includes Contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, Calendar, Pictures, Audio, Video, Call Logs, and Reader File. $349 though 4/30/19

    Extraction Plus includes Basic Extraction data as well as Chat Data, Web History Data, Geolocation Data, Deleted Items, and Multiple Extraction Types. $649 through 4/30/19

    Full Forensic Extraction includes Extraction Plus Data as well as Raw Extraction Data, Documentation of Physical Device, Report Detailing Extraction, and Custom Targeted PDF Report. $949 through 4/30/19