• Cats present a unique challenge in missing pet recovery. We specialize in recovering lost cats in the Houston area. Some of the techniques more suited to dogs are not as successful at finding missing cats. The difference lie in the facts that:

    – Frightened and injured cats are more likely to hide than wander or seek people for help.
    – Members of the public are less likely to pick up a cat or call animal control when they see a wandering cat.
    – Due to the prevalence of outdoor cats, seeing a wandering cat is not unusual or remembered by as many witnesses.
    – When cats are taken in and “adopted” by finders it is often assumed that they are dumped. Monitoring local pet social media in the Houston area, we see daily posts of people giving away cats that wandered up to their property without ever checking for owners.

    Knowing these things helps us target our recoveries to both cat and public behavior.

    What you can do:
    – Make sure your cat is microchipped and the microchip is registered. Microchips need to be registered before your cat goes missing.
    – If your cat goes missing, extensively search a five house radius around your home for places thy can hide or become trapped. Consider employing the use of a trained cat detection dog.
    – If your cat is not immediately located, begin an aggressive signage and media campaign immediately with the goal of getting people to notice your signs before they come across your cat. Begin at the last place your cat was seen and spiral outwards at least two miles.
    – Although pet related businesses and websites are an important component and will often be checked by lost pet finders, it’s also important to target non-animal businesses, intersections and hubs of activity. No one expects to come across your missing cat. You need to reach them in a memorable way before they see your cat.

    The Missing Pet Partnership has a “Think Lost, Not Stray” campaign that is of particular importance to the lost cat issue, We all need to participate in spreading this message.